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Our Story


What is happitat?

Put simply, it’s a place designed to inspire individual happiness and a collective approach to conservation.

We created the Happitat experience deep in nature because we know happiness starts with finding space to stop, simplify and appreciate our environment. When you surround yourself with nature it fills your senses and creates stillness within.

Our experiences are designed to add to the all-consuming sensory experience of nature. By conjuring the courage to take on real adventure you become focused on yourself and the environment. You forget the distractions. And, once you take that first step over the edge, you prove to yourself that you’re capable of exceeding your own expectations and that you are part of this environment, not a spectator to it

Our ethos, behind fear is happiness, isn’t simply about the thrill of adventure. It’s about giving yourself permission to do something for the pure joy of it. Happiness isn’t earned or lost, it’s a choice we make. We are all capable of deciding to let go of the things in life that bring us down, but sometimes we just need the opportunity to hit the reset button.

If you love nature, come and enjoy it with us. If you love adventure, we’ll take you over the edge like never before. If you’re seeking happiness, we’re here to show you that you’re capable of finding it.

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How it started

Michael Neururer, our founder, has been seeking happiness in nature from a young age. Growing up in Austria, his life has always been full of adventure. His dad, a renowned wilderness helicopter pilot, instilled a sense of possibility in Michael that adventure can take you further than most people can imagine.

Michael’s love of adventure saw him become a professional snowboarder. However, as his passion became his career, he came to the realisation that up until that point, his focus had been solely on himself. At the time, with a support team surrounding him as a professional athlete, he realised that he was on a path that would ultimately not fulfil him and his place on this earth.

From there, Michael began his true adventure, choosing a path of happiness and a life of positivity. He moved to Canada to start a career in technical construction. Accessing challenging terrains using rope access and helicopters, he and his teams would build suspension bridges and avalanche control systems throughout the British Columbian Mountain ranges to keep people safe in wild environments.

On his weekends, with groups of like-minded friends, they would build high lines spanning vast canyons and rope swings off landmarks, like Hunlen Falls, the highest straight-dropping waterfall in Canada.

Seeing his skills transfer to enabling other people’s adventures in nature ultimately became the catalyst for Happitat. And, while his life took an unexpected detour to Australia, he soon realised, to his surprise, that the adventures he had created in Austria and Canada, could be created in Australia. His search for the perfect location led him to UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lamington National Park.

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Our team

With a clear philosophy and vision, Happitat's story now unfolds every day, brought to life by an exceptional, ever-growing team. A diverse group of outdoor enthusiasts, conservationists, expert guides, and happi-seekers, unified by a shared ethos, echoing Michael's vision for thrilling, sustainable adventures, that inspire happiness.

Our guides are more than safety experts. They are storytellers, offering insights into the local area, its ecology, and history, weaving insight into every adventure. Our conservationists work diligently to uphold sustainable operations, honouring the unique ecosystems we inhabit. They are the stewards of our 'Leave No Trace' ethos and play a crucial role in minimising our environmental footprint.

Our unsung heroes behind the scenes ensure that your Happitat experience is seamless. From customer experience to operations and maintenance, they handle every detail with care, ensuring each visitor feels welcomed and every adventure is a unique journey.

At Happitat, we're not just a team; we're a vibrant ecosystem, with a shared love of nature. 

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Our Environment

Our approach to environmental conservation goes far beyond the minimum standards. We're not merely compliant with the environmental norms; we aim to always exceed them. Every decision we make, from the grand vision to the smallest detail, is rooted in our unwavering commitment to minimise our footprint and foster a sustainable relationship with nature.

Every material used in the construction of our park is carefully selected, prioritising durability, strength, and the lowest possible carbon footprint. Stainless steel is the material of choice for our platforms, wires, and Via Ferrata anchors due to its resistance to corrosion and high recyclability. The structural anchors sourced from the trusted Ischebeck Titan, bear a 100-year design life. 

We've meticulously designed each aspect of our operations to contribute to a zero-waste goal. Our on-site composting systems and worm farm composting reflect our dedication to resource efficiency. Our merchandise partners are chosen carefully, aligning with our vision of minimizing our carbon footprint. Our ethos 'leave no trace' is deeply woven into our design and operational philosophy. Our park is designed to be modular, so that when the day comes, we can dismantle the entire structure, leaving the cliff face as untouched and majestic as it has been for millennia. We believe in borrowing from nature, not taking from it.

We are conscious that we operate within the awe-inspiring Lamington National Park. The park's biodiversity, the songs of native birds, the rustling leaves and the free-flowing rivers - they all remind us every day of our responsibility. We are committed to protecting and preserving this piece of paradise, ensuring future generations can also marvel at its beauty.

We understand that we're not just creating an adventure park; we're crafting a legacy of respect for nature and the environment. We're here to prove that adrenaline-packed adventures and environmental responsibility are not only compatible, but can also enhance each other to create truly unforgettable experiences.